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Barbara's Ginger Beer (I make this to taste each time I make it so its not exact. This makes very spicy ginger beer)

    * a small pile of ginger root  (~3-4 large pieces)
    * ~2-3 cups brown sugar
    * 2 cinnamon sticks (whole)
    * hot water 
    * small pinch of bread yeast or a chunk of raw potato(source of natural yeast)
    * juice of several limes and/or lemons

Chop the ginger in a blender or food processor. Move it to a large glass container with lid( I use a sun tea container). Add hot water (just under a boil) to raise level to about ~1 gallon. Add brown sugar to taste. Add cinnamon sticks and let the brew cool until room temperature. Add the pinch of yeast or potato piece once cool. Let the brew sit for several days (~4-6 days). Using coffee filters or cheesecloth(better) strain the brew into clean jars. Add freshly squeezed lime juice to taste.

If the brew is too spicy for a persons taste, I cut it with things like Sprite, store bought ginger ale or club soda. Mix with dark rum(Goslings is recommended) and serve to all your friends on the train.