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Unfortunately, not a train to NYC (which would be pretty kickass) but one that acknowledges how very much that city rules.

We will be celebrating:
diners, 24-hour delivery, pizza, cheap cabs everywhere, aggressive squirrels, the subway, fashion, Brooklyn, puerto ricans, dissing Jersey, etc.

Manhattans, Cosmos, Brooklyn Brewery beers and anything else that says NYC.

Also bagels, lox, hammentaschen, rugeleh, knishes, reubens, egg creams, pickles…wait. This is turning into Jewish Train.
Ah well.

It has to be Monday because the bagels I'm bringing from NYC won't keep till friday. To make up for the early-in-the-week drinking, at the end, a special present from moi.

When Is it?

Monday, November 6th

6:46 Limited local

I'm In

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