22 22's by 22nd

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22 22's by 22nd on the 22nd

Noe keeps talking up a 22 22's by 22nd train. He should fill this page in.

It's also Allie's 22nd birthday. Sort of.

The Plan

  • Catch Caltrain #383 at 6:37 out of Mountain View
  • Drink 22 22oz ("Bomber") beers by the 22nd street stop on Friday the 22nd.
  • Show up at Tim's Loftwarming for the afterparty

I'm in! (And I'm bringing X number of 22's)

  • Farktronix - I'll bring 4
  • Vernacular - I'll bring 2; just in case I have to drink them both!
  • Erik - Bombers on the train? The TSA isn't available? Sounds like a job for DT! I'll have 4 22's with me.
  • noeish - four. may or may not share.
  • Ramon - I can bring 2 pages of tags. Does that count?
  • Date Chimay 22 - I'm in for 2
  • Allie - 4 of 'em!
  • Eris - 2 22's by 22nd

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